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5 Staging Tips Every Homeowner Should Do Before They Sell!!!

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Are you thinking about listing your home? Make sure you don’t put it on the market without being completely ready – and professional staging is one of those crucial steps in the process! We asked our friends and associates at Particulars Interior Design to share their 5 Top Staging Tips.

1.) Use professionals! A home is most likely the single largest asset you have, and investing in the best and most competent experts will save you thousands in headaches and missed opportunities.

2.) De-clutter! We like to tell all of our clients to use the 60-day rule. If you are not planning to use any item in your house for the next 60-days, then it is time to box it up and put it in a storage unit. This rule really helps you accomplish two things: First, your home will look a ton better! It will become a place where a potential buyer can imagine themselves living in your home instead of just seeing all your “stuff”. And second, you will be halfway packed to move!

3.) Minimize Personal Items! Please understand, this step is not to discredit your kids’ awesome school projects, personal awards, or your beautiful family photos, but rather this step is to build on the principles of step #2. Buyers have a hard time looking past clutter. If all they see is that you are a big fan of (insert your university/pro sports team here), or religious tokens canvasing the walls of every room, it may create personal biases that move them away from your property. We are not saying to get rid of everything, just minimize drastically. You are selling a house, not the pictures on the walls! Everything you leave should specifically accent the space.

4.) First Impressions Matter – Curb Appeal! First impressions are lasting impressions. Make sure your landscaping, home exterior, and general curb appeal are spot on. Mow the lawn, water the grass, plant seasonally appropriate flowers, scrape off the peeling paint chips, touch up paint around the trim, put shutters around your windows, put new bark in the flower beds, rake the leaves, etc. The point is pay attention to the details.

5.) Fix Noticeable Home Projects! Does it sound like I’m preaching to the choir yet? Apply touch-up paint to all the walls, fix the broken kitchen cupboard, repair the broken door bell, tighten the loose stair railing. If you notice it, I promise a buyer will too – and it could cost you thousands in the offer price.

Don’t be satisfied with doing an “OK” job on your home sell. Let us help you sell your home for the most money, in the fastest time and with the least amount of stress that we can. The Nokes Allen Team offers a series of proven listing services, including staging, at no additional cost to the seller. We hire Natalie and Andrea, our two professional interior designers, to come into your home and provide feedback to get it ready for the market. Our services and experience help us sell over 100 homes each year, for 6% more money, and in half the time, when directly compared to all Utah agents last year! Give us a call for a free in-home consultation today!


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